Project:25488 s292 Lid Assembler
Speed:25 Lids per minute
Control System:
Beckhoff Automation
ABB Robotics
SMC Pneumatics
Construction:Powder Coated Mild Steel

Robotic assembly system feed from two injection molding machines, using two overhead gantry robots to place formed parts into transfer mechanisms.  The parts are then picked using  precision constructed pick heads mounted on two ABB IRB120 robots and accurately assembled within a rotating jig.

How RML’s machinery delivered results for a leading plastic manufacturing company

The challenge

Tekplas is a leading edge technical injection moulding company that produces plastic Packaging and Technical moulding for a range of industries, delivered all over the world.

When the team from Tekplas approached us, they had been asked to take over a large project from one of their customers which was initially requiring twelve operators across three shifts in manual labour to get the customers production back on track.

With this kind of last-minute demand, they weren’t geared up for that amount of work and needed an automated solution so they could deliver their product efficiently without disrupting existing capacity commitments.

How RML built an efficient machinery solution

Knowing that they were needing a solution developed as fast as possible, Tekplas approached the team at RML to build a machinery automation solution to assemble their 2-piece plastic lids.

The RML team worked closely along Tekplas’ project manager in order to understand all of their requirements. From there, the design team came back to Tekplas with design concepts which were discussed and refined to their specifications.

“Throughout the whole process, the RML team kept us up to date,” says Tekplas Project Manager, Sefton.

“They presented their concepts and we were able to discuss them as a team. They took on board all of our feedback and made adjustments accordingly. They approached everything with enthusiasm and there was nothing that was too hard for them to do.”

The end result

Customised to Tekplas’ specifications and capabilities, RML designed, built and commissioned the S292 Lid Assembler. This machine is designed to assemble a single format 2-piece lid.

How does it work?

Two components are produced simultaneously in separate injection moulders then received into the machine and are assembled, pressed to lock together and ejected onto a conveyor. The optimal operating speed of the machine is 2.5 second cycles, equating to 25 lids per minute.

“Since we’ve had it installed, there have been no issues and it has run efficiently and smoothly,” says Sefton. “We have run it continuously for 5-6 days at a time without interruption, which has been incredible for our overall production.”

“For the volume it produces, we only need to run it for a week or two at a time to get the amount of product we need. We’ve been able to get the numbers out for our existing customers as well produce what we need for this particular customer.”

Building a world-class machinery solution

“From the first day we sat down with the RML team, through to today, we’ve been so impressed by the level of service and quality of machinery that they have built for us.”

“With such an efficient machine, we’ve had no problem keeping up with production times and demands.”

“We've had multiple suppliers come through our plant and seen the machine in action. They’ve all said how impressed they are with the quality design and commented that it looks as good as anything they could buy overseas, which just goes to show the world-class standard the RML is at.”

“Tekplas is already moving forward with a new Automation project with RML that is in the design stage and looking forward to seeing the resulting machine in production in the near future.”

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