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304 Stainless Steel Aluminum

The assembly controls the size change of nine different points within the machine.

Needing to be highly accurate, fast, robust and safe RML designed and manufactured a number of assemblies that were fitted to an existing AZON thermal break saw and chemical applicator.

Using a recipe system stored within the controller the operator is able to easily select the product to be run, instigate the change and the servo motor control will position the mechanisms for that product.

Nalco operates an existing thermal break machine to feed widow and door extrusions into the resin application process. When changing from one extrusion size to the next, the changeover process was manual and required very precise positioning. The resulting product wastage and lost time were due to the required fine tuning between every changeover.

RML developed a solution whereby the manual vertical and horizontal adjustment controls were replaced by nine servo controlled actuators. The accuracy of the servo positioning allowed very precise and repeatable setup of the line, thereby eliminating the requirement to fine tune the adjustment and resulting lost time and product wastage.

The improvement in changeover speed and accuracy has allowed Nalco to process in less than a single shift, what used to take up to two shifts.
In addition, the wastage from the process has fallen by 97%

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