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Intermittent Horizontal Load Cartoner



Dairy Goat Co-operative


31731 Sachet Cartoner


25 cartons per minute


Beckhoff Automation


Stainless Steel

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Dairy Goat faced the significant challenge of transitioning their sachet packing process from an external co-packer to an in-house operation. This move aimed to increase their control over production and boost output volumes. Specifically, Dairy Goat needed to pack two different-sized sachets, which varied slightly in weight, into three distinct box formats, a four-pack and six-pack configurations for each size. Consistently stacking these sachets posed a particular challenge, exacerbated by the absence of production sachets, as the sachet filler was still en route from Europe. This required an extensive engineering phase, of prototyping and trialling to establish an effective collation method before the project could advance.


RML provided a comprehensive solution, which involved integrating a standard cartoner equipped with a specialised collator. The solution worked by conveying single-file sachets to the cartoner, where they were stacked into either four-pack or six-pack formations, then pushed into cartons and glue closed for shipping. Key components of the equipment included a bag equaliser to flatten and even the powder within each sachet for optimal stacking, and a sequencer to count and stack the sachets accurately. The equipment was engineered as part of a new production line for Dairy Goat, ensuring seamless integration with upstream and downstream machinery. As a result, Dairy Goat gained full control over their production line, enabling them to manage volumes and sizes efficiently and reduce costs previously incurred by outsourcing packing to a co-packer.

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