This week has seen unprecedented changes in the countries and communities that we operate.
The NZ government today has moved to Alert Level 2, and with that RML enacts the next level of our COVID-19 business continuity plan.

As a team we are committed to supporting all our interested parties and we are further committed to do our part within our communities.  So these are the next steps we are taking at RML.

1. We are moving staff that can work from home out of our manufacturing facility in Hamilton NZ.  Some of our staff already work remotely, and RML has been using remote enabled technology for a number of years in our day to day internal operations.

2. We are now asking our interested parties to visit us online rather than in person.  We want to keep communicating with you all, so please talk with your RML contact and they will make the arrangements for any meetings online.

3. Controlled entry to RML personnel only.  We have some really impressive projects on the shop floor at the moment and we have always enjoyed walking people around our facility and giving them a show of what we do.  The looks on their faces when they see the future capability we are providing is part of the reason we love what we do.  For the time being though we need to ensure the safety of our staff and our ability to deliver on our commitments, so sorry we will not be letting you inside our facility.

4. We will be further limiting access to our manufacturing and production areas to only essential staff.  We have committed personnel in these areas that know what they need to do and they are getting on with the task of keeping to our plans and maintaining our commitments.

Please if you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Kind regards,

Daryl Joyce
+64 21 425 437


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