Building innovative machinery solutions for your production line

At RML, we build custom machinery for small to large-scale production lines throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Having worked within the industry for over 35 years, our experience and expertise covers a diverse range of production industries. As trusted industry leaders, we love solving your challenges, and embrace every project like its our own.

Utilising our diverse skill set and with an innovative approach, we help businesses get their production line moving forward and achieving their business goals.

At RML, we’re committed to providing a complete production line solution, from engineering, to design, to build, to commissioning, to servicing and maintenance.

We know production inside and out

When you partner with RML, you get a team that understands your challenges, your needs and how to work with you.

Owner operators

We work with owner operators throughout Australia and New Zealand, in a range of production industries. We understand that you know your business well and need to work with a team that can solve your challenges.

At RML, we ensure our machinery delivers a strong ROI, with the flexibility to be and modified and expanded as your market needs change and grow.

Procurement teams

We also work closely with procurement teams, and are experienced enough to take the heavy lifting out of the RFP or tender submission process so you can present the best proposal to your internal team.

Understanding your needs, we work within your processes and health and safety frameworks in order to deliver machinery with a strong ROI.

Who we work with

We work with a wide range of production industries from:






How we build your machinery solution

Our process works across many levels and it’s our job first and foremost to understand where we can help you. You may be:

  • an owner-operator facing a production challenge
  • looking for expert advice and solutions
  • a procurement team looking to commission a specialised machinery build.

No matter where you’re at, we identify where you need our help and the best solution going forward.


Using our wealth of industry knowledge, we start by understanding your challenges and figure out how we can build a solution.

Whether you’re looking to increase production line capabilities, a customised packing automation system, or semi-automate your production line, we partner with you and get to know your business inside and out. That way, we’re able to build the best machinery solution for your production line.





Once we understand what kind of solution you need, our team designs a machinery solution that’s customised for you.

We consider all the factors. Taking into account your factory layout, restrictions, capacity, efficiency, and budget. Our design stage is a collaborative one, working alongside your production team to create the most efficient, well-thought out design that delivers the best solution.


All of our machinery is built in-house and our expert team of engineers have a diverse skill set and forward-thinking approach.

With a skilled team working at every stage, you can trust that everything we build has quality at the core, while being cost-effective and within your budget and requirements. We keep you informed at every stage, so you know when your machinery will be delivered.





Once built, our team will ensure the most efficient installation of your machinery.

Our team tests every piece of machinery in-house before it goes to factory in order to ensure the most efficient installation plan. Flexible to your production schedules, our skilled installation team works within your production times and restrictions for the most efficient installation and minimal disruption for your operation.

Support and maintenance

Our partnership doesn’t end at installation. We provide ongoing support and maintenance.

Depending on your in-house capability, we can work within your production team or provide full hands-on support. From preventative maintenance, to assessment and upgrades, we make sure your machinery is given a custom maintenance plan in order for it to perform its best.



Looking for a machinery solution for your production line?

The first step is getting to know your business.


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