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Case Studies

From the more familiar packing machines, robotic sorters and assemblers to custom equipment that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the market, it’s our decades of experience that allows us to provide robust automation solutions for even the most complex of needs.

Tekplas Case Study

Improving hygiene in food-grade plastics through automation. Tekplas are plastic engineering specialists who supply a global market from facilities in Canterbury and Waikato.

We’ve been so impressed by the level of service and quality of machinery that they have built for us. With such an efficient machine, we’ve had no problem keeping up with production times and demands.

Tekplas Injection Moulded Part Assembler

Wilmar Sugar Case Study

Wilmar Sugar is the largest supplier of retail sugar in Australia and New Zealand.

We decided to install in a whole new automated line to pack the sugar bags vertically for presentation. It was also an opportunity to increase the packing line automation, with labour savings offsetting the capital costs.

Wilmar Sugar

Moondarra Case Study

Providing production automation solutions and quality components to Australia’s largest cream cheese maker.

Our integrated, advanced operation ensures the best quality cream cheese is produced consistently.

Moondarra Cheese Cream Cheese Tomato & Basil


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