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Precision. Automation. Performance.

Providing production automation solutions
and quality components to industry leaders.

Forward thinking solutions to simplify and streamline your production.


At RML, we embrace challenges.

The more demanding, the better!
We have designed and built custom automation
solutions for large and small production lines
throughout New Zealand and Australia.

We can do the same for you.

Machines and


Service and

Our Story

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We’re proud to partner with Farleygreene

RML now offers a full range of Vibratory and Ultrasonic Screening and Sieving machines from our UK distribution partner Farleygreene.

We’ve been accepting challenges from global leaders for over 40 years

Innovation is a two-way thing. Our partnership approach means we work closely with our customers at every level – from owner/operators to procurement managers.

We believe good relationships make for great solutions.

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Our Process



First we need to understand your business so we can figure out the best approach.

Whether you are looking for increased line capacity, a custom packing automation system or want to semi-automate your production line, we get to know your business inside-out.



Once we understand what you need and why, we can start designing a customised machinery solution.

This is another collaborative stage, our people working closely with yours to create the most efficient, well thought out design that considers all the factors – including factory layout, restrictions, capacity, efficiency and budget.



All our machinery is built in-house by a team of expert engineers with a diverse skillset and forward-thinking approach. Everything we build has quality at its core and is engineered to have a long and productive operating life. We keep you informed at every stage, right up to delivery day, and every piece of equipment is throughly tested before it leaves RML.



Once your machinery is built, we organise the most efficient installation plan we can.

Our skilled installation team work around your production schedule to ensure minimal disruptions to your operations.


Support and Maintenance

Ongoing support and maintenance are an important part of our working partnership.

The first step is getting to know your business needs.

A servicing team that works for you

The best people to take care of your new equipment are the ones who designed and engineered it. RML provides comprehensive maintenance and support, our people working with yours at a range of levels – from maintenance techs to production and line managers.

A flexible and dynamic approach

Every business operates differently with different capabilities and needs. We provide support and maintenance in a range of stages – from a full support programme that provides servicing onsite through to working with your team to recalibrate and service.
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We love solving challenges that free our customers and maximise human potential.


If you have a production challenge,
we’d love to solve it.