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Meet the Team

Customer Support

Volker Mihr Service Manager
Volker Mihr - Service Leader
Brendan Signal Internal Sales Project Planning
Brendon Signal - Customer Support
Jordan Burley
Jordan Burley - Automation Engineer
Vikash Kumar
Vikash Kumar - Automation Engineer
Cameron Mumby Small
Cameron Mumby - Automation Engineer
Ethan Walkinshaw Small
Ethan Walkinshaw - Automation Engineer

Partner - Icon Equipment

David Perryman
David Perryman - General Manager
Icon Equipment
Nibin Mathew - Field Application Technician
Tony Barnett
Tony Barnett - Technical Sales & Service

Customer Solutions

Jon Marden RML Sales Manager
Jon Marden - Project Engineer
Aron May RML Technical Sales
Aron May - Project Engineer
Kent McIntrye Sales Engineer
Kent McIntyre - Project Engineer
Sam Miller Project Engineer
Sam Miller - Project Engineer
Sheng 3
Sheng Wang - Project Engineer
Matt Jobe
Matthew Jobe - Manufacturing
Matt Donald Medium
Matt Donald - Manufacturing


Alex Chaloner Automation
Alex Chaloner - Automation
Dan Spencer RML
Dan Spencer - Design
Laurie Baucke RML
Laurence Baucke - Production
RML Electrical Engineer
Dale Iremonger - Electrical
Travis Sperry small
Travis Sperry - Manufacturing
Daryl Joyce RML CEO
Daryl Joyce - CEO
Debbie Breen RML CFO
Debbie Breen - CFO
Sarah Tordoff HR Officer
Sarah Tordoff - CPO
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