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Cartoning Machines

When it comes to automatic cartoning machines, RML tackles the things which less specialist operators can’t. We are also a leading provider of robotic cartoning machine solutions that result in greater throughput and enhanced production efficiency.

For decades we have been been creating innovative cartoning machines for unique products;

  • Top load
  • Side load
  • Vertical

Cartoning machines (both intermittent and continuous motion), we have the experience of creating proven solutions are reliable, easy to operate, maintain and last.

Cartoning Machine




RML automatic cartoning machines provide your business with:

  • Quality and consistency – delivering unmatched precision over manual or semi-automatic systems, RML brings consistency into cartoning – even with the most delicate and demanding products.
  • Productivity and efficiency – automation increases operational productivity and reduces waste through cartoning that is precise. Less wastage leads to material cost savings.
  • Customisation – RML cartoning machines are fully customisable and designed with your needs at the forefront. This ensures you receive a product that really fits the brief.
  • An easy-to-use solution – simple user interfaces, tool changes with clear, practical indicators and drop-in size change parts with straightforward attachments.


RML specialisation lies in custom infeeds that cater to typically difficult to manage products which may currently demand manual input. Industries that we are proud to have worked with include:

• Chilled goods, such as cream cheese sachets, which require packing precision and manageable intermittent handling in a high hygiene dairy environment.
• Muesli snack bars with an in-feed speed of 300 bars per minute. These take a flat carton board blank and use a twin pick and punch servo controlled former.
• Pharmaceutical sachets which enter the line on a vacuum conveyor and are scanned by a vision system to identify their co-ordinate location.



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