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Conveyor Solutions

RML is a conveyor system designer and manufacturer specialising in the unique and custom-build sector of the market.  We offer automated conveyor systems that are customised to meet your products’ distribution needs and our systems are built to transport any type of product or packaging quickly and efficiently.

Why engage RML?

RML has  decades of experience in recommending the right automated conveyor solution for your business and you can combine this with bespoke add-ons and ancillary equipment to provide you with a system that fits your unique brief. 

Conveyor Solutions




The benefits of an automated conveyor system:

  • Move high quantities efficiently – no matter the size, shape, weight, or hygiene needs.
  • Increased safety – through features that prevent accidents and through removal of employee input.
  • Variety of options available to fit individual business needs – customisation results in a solution to meet your unique needs.
  • Minimise manual labour – reducing labour costs, potential injury, and inaccuracies.
  • Reduce wastage – conveyors allow precise control over the speed at which materials are moved. This reduces the chance of breakages and damage.

Common integrations we have experience with include:

  • Label inspect and reject
  • Vision inspect and reject
  • Laning
  • Cleaning
  • Weighing
  • X-raying

By staying at the forefront of new conveyor system technologies and machinery, RML delivers the right solution for every requirement.



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