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Palletising Solutions

RML provides customised palletising solutions that will maximise the amount of product per load, while ensuring that stability and product quality are never compromised.  As a one-stop-shop, we frequently provide palletisers alongside a cartoner or case packer as part of a wholistic solution.

While many products fit neatly into standard-sized boxes, it’s the more difficult shapes, sizes and materials that can make palletising a challenge.  And that’s where RML thrives.

For example, we devised a solution to receive randomly arranged Nestlé muesli bars from a spiral gravity chute. We then loaded these into totes by weight.

Tatua Palletiser




The RML in-house team will collaborate closely with you to ascertain which
is the best solution for your business.

With experience like this we can deliver an automated palletising system that is well thought out, integrates with your production line, and provides your business with a solution that drives efficiencies.

Our high performance palletising experience covers:

  • Robotic palletisers
  • Low-level palletisers
  • In-line palletiser systems
  • Hybrid palletisers



If you have a production challenge,
we’d love to solve it.

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We love solving challenges that free our customers and maximise human potential.