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In the lidding space, RML have a reputation for providing customised types of automation and our long standing credentials with food safety standards come to the fore. 

  • Snap Cap
  • Deep Scoop
  • Nitrogen flush and auto cap applicator
  • No lid detect and reject with reject verification are standard 
  • Advanced vision systems and servo-controlled side drive conveyors
  • Camera systems to orientate products to the perfect position 
  • Servo motor pluck and lid systems. 
G102 Food Service Tub Lidder NESTLE




We’ve become an expert in ‘repeatability’ – applying lids to a wide range of products, from large injection moulded polypropylene food service tubs to smaller snap cap lids for infant formula. Frequently our scope expands beyond lidding and dovetails perfectly into conveying systems, barcode scanning and policing gates. RML has designed and built custom automation solutions for major FMCG brands. This is useful when we get involved in Lidding projects as we have established systems for dealing with rejects while maintaining absolute sterility.

We’ve laid out a set of examples below to demonstrate our capabilities. If these stimulate your thinking or raise questions, please get in touch.



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