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Intermittent, Wrap Around



MARS Petcare


13229 MARS Wrap Around Case Packer


Infeed 86 boxes per minute
Outfeed 20 cases per minute


Allen Bradley
Festo Pneumatics


Powder Coated Mild Steel

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MARS Petcare had been hand-packing cartons into shipping cases at their Wanganui, NZ operation. They came to us with 2 main objectives – cost savings and the need for speed and efficiency in their packaging automation.
As they automated the line, they took the opportunity to upgrade from RSC’s (Regular Slotted Cartons) to the cheaper, more effective and easier to ship option of wrap-around casing.
The product was to be shipped globally in a variety of carton quantities (a 4, 6 or 12 pack), and we were careful to design a machine that could be easily set up from format to format.
As we had been working with MARS in both Australia and New Zealand for over a decade, there was an inherent trusted working relationship. The process flowed smoothly through our 5 stage process: Solution Design > Build > Install > Support and Maintenance.


We specified a high-speed infeed system, as you can see in the video, plus servo-controlled pushers, a case indexing drive and a 2-axis pick and place robot, plus a side-shift module.
Once we have had an initial discussion with you and understand the quantity of shifts, numbers of operators, and your specific packaging requirements, we can quickly create a business case covering the return on your capital investment.

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