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Wraparound Case Packer





7481 Fonterra Whareroa Wraparound Case Packer


14 Cases Per Minute


Beckhoff Automation
ABB Robotics
SMC Pneumatics


Powder Coated Mild Steel


Fonterra were looking to upgrade an older slower piece of equipment that no longer met the high standards they require. RML had recently installed two other D103 Case Packers onto the Whareroa site so they naturally engaged the team at RML again. 


The D103 Case Packer provided for this project is customised in two ways. A collar inserter module is included, this module inserts a collar around the outer edge of the block to provide an extremely strong box, specifically designed to protect the block of cheese from large stacking weights that are applied during the storage life of the block. In doing so Fonterra can get the best yield from the 20kg block when cutting for retail sales.

The second customisation was the design of the infeed supply and outfeed takeaway system. At times blocks and boxes needed to be inverted when entering or leaving the machine. RML worked with the Fonterra site team to design a system that could do what was required in the small space available in a safe and operable way. RML continues to work with the Fonterra Whareroa site team to assist them where required in various aspects from machine building and conveyor solutions, to dairy component supply.

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