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Can Capper





31720 Synlait Can Capper


130 cans per minute


Beckhoff Automation


Stainless Steel Chassis

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In 2018, Synlait found themselves let down by a supplier and asked RML to create a semi-automatic capper for them with an 18-week lead time.  The brief was to deliver a machine capable of orientating infant formula cans and caps so that the cap was always applied in a specific orientation to the can artwork. This semi-automatic solution ran reliably for three years at which time Synlait engaged RML again to deliver a fully automated solution to descramble caps and apply them to the cans in a specific orientation at a rate of 130 cans per minute. 


The RML solution for this application was to separate the system into two different machines connected by line conveying that also delivered uncapped cans and transported away the completed product. One of the key machines was the G101 Can Capper.

The G101 Can Capper orientates cans and caps independently, merges them together locking the cap to the can with an orientational accuracy of ±8 Degrees. Cans are introduced into one end of the machine where they pass through an orientation module that detects the can seam and then discharges the can with the seam trailing. Caps are introduced at the opposite end of the machine where they pass through an inspection station determining there is a scoop present, it’s the correct scoop size, and the orientation of the cap. The caps are then conveyed under four delta robots positioned in the centre of the machine. These robots pick the caps and load them into an application station in a specific orientation. The orientated cans then pass through the application station which applies the caps to the cans.  

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