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Deep Lid Can Capper



Dairy Goat


30387 Deep Lid Can Capper


40 cans per minute


Allen Bradley


Stainless Steel


Before engaging with RML, Dairy Goat had been packing goat milk infant formula powder in Hamilton NZ and shipping the cans with a standard snap cap to Korea where a deeper lid with a built-in scoop was being applied. This posed challenges around maintaining sterility and was resulting in having an unnecessary second scoop present within the powder. 

 The customer wanted to take back control of the process, reduce cost and remove the second cap which was causing some customer confusion. 


The solution was based on a previous design but refined in collaboration with Dairy Goat to meet their requirements. The machine could be removed and re-installed into the production line when Dairy Goat was producing this specific infant formula. It was lowered to improve ergonomics, a QA station was added to check the cap had been applied correctly and we introduced a rejector to remove any bad cans so they could be reworked. During the design phase RML added checks to ensure each cap contained a scoop as an extra QA feature prior to the cap application. 

In this instance, RML have a reputation for providing unique/custom type of automations and our credentials with food safety standards came to the fore.  

Our lidding solution included an infeed and outfeed which could communicate upstream and downstream and, as is often the case with our more modern machines we can ‘remote-in’ and have our automation engineers diagnose and troubleshoot issues before they impact production schedules.  


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