Intermittent, Horizontal Load Cartoner



Greenmount Foods


13289 Greenmount Cartoner


Maximum 20 Cartons per Minute


Festo Pneumatics
Beckhoff Control


Stainless Steel Chassis

Greenmount foods required a solution to cartoning ready meal food trays into carboard sleeves. RML produced a customised P710 Cartoner to meet Greenmount’s needs.

Before the RML machine installation, the product was manually sleeved and the glued by a boxer/glue station. It was effective but not labour efficient.

The customer wanted to achieve quality improvement around the appearance of the retail box (no glue failures), save on glue usage and realise significant labour savings.

Previously the product was hand packed and this presented a repetitive strain risk for staff manually sleeving the meals.

There were box gluing failures due to the age of the previous machine.


The frozen ready meals needed to be packed reliably into skillet style cartons. The solution was to provide GreenMount Foods with an rml p710 Intermittent Motion Servo Cartoner.

In addition to a reduction in labour costs, automating the line reduced the cost of packaging by providing more consistent and reliable handling of the product and packaging.


Focused on GreenMount Foods requirements we managed to:

  • Create boxes that are consistently uniform in appearance
  • Reduce the labour headcount on the line from four staff to one
  • Gain savings on glue of over 50%


The project was a big deal for us in terms of spend. Other options existed and we considered them, but I am pleased to say we committed with RML. The installation went exactly as planned. Once fired up we had minimal issues which is most unusual for an install like this. Very pleased with the outcome.”

Hamish Roberts

General Manager—Operations

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