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Packing and Palletising System



Walter & Wild Ltd - Hubbards


27072 Packing and Palletising Cell


31 Cartons per minute


Beckhoff Automation
ABB Robotics
SMC Pneumatics


Powder Coated Mild Steel


In 2018, Walter & Wild bought the iconic kiwi cereal brand Hubbards, manufacturer of a large range of Muesli, Granola and Bran-ola. This purchase was to prove the catalyst for a sweeping reform of factory efficiencies and cost-cutting. In stepped RML with factory automation solutions to deliver the customer’s required ROI.
Hubbards did have semi-manual cartoners but were yet to embrace fully automated packing and palletising operations in their Auckland factory.


In the video below you can watch an ABB IRB 4600 robot picking cardboard blanks, erecting boxes and shipping RSCs (Regular Slotted Cartons) and loading these into an indexing conveyor. 

Cartons, flat bags or upright bags are picked and loaded into the shipping RSCs by an ABB IRB 2600 robot. Following this the filled RSCs are closed, dated and collated. 

We knew that a wide range of products with different weight to density ratios and with different box sizes would have to be managed with an easy to operate change-outs between shifts.  

The ABB IRB 4600 robot then palletises the RSCs according to the selected AS2348 pallet pattern.  

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