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Embracing a culture of appreciation and admiration

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We love solving challenges that free our customers and maximise human potential.

A group of RML team members with various backgrounds worked together to articulate our purpose and values.  What we do and how we do it was an important part of this process.  Over a 6-month period, we have brought to life our “Values” and “Four Freedoms”, you will see various artworks around the building, including our BE AWESOME artwork in the lunchroom.  This is what we strive for in our culture at RML.  Our people are our most important asset, and we want them to BE AWESOME! 

At RML we foster a culture of appreciation and inspire everyone to maximise their full potential. We work together in a collaborative environment to share ideas, knowledge, support each other and communicate clearly.  Everyone within the organisation has the freedom to make improvements, show leadership and foster a positive working experience at RML. We are thrilled to introduce the ‘YOU’RE AWESOME Board.’ This interactive and engaging initiative aims to celebrate the exceptional individuals within our team and showcase their incredible achievements. By implementing this board, we aim to strengthen our team spirit and create a culture of recognition and appreciation.

The ‘YOU’RE AWESOME Board’ is designed to provide a platform for celebrating the incredible accomplishments of our team members. It serves as a visible reminder of their valuable contributions and creates a sense of pride and unity within our organisation. 

How it works:

  1. Identifying Awesome Team Members: The first step is to think of a team member who has displayed exceptional qualities, gone above and beyond, or made a significant impact. It could be a noteworthy project completion, a creative solution to a problem, or a demonstration of exceptional teamwork.
  2. Capturing the Moment: Grab a sticky note and write down the name of the team member, along with a brief description of their outstanding accomplishment. This step ensures that their achievement is captured and celebrated effectively.
  3. Proudly Showcasing Awesomeness: Post the sticky note on the board, prominently displayed in the lunch room. This board becomes a visual testament to the remarkable talents and achievements of our team, allowing everyone to share in the celebration.

Implementing the ‘YOU’RE AWESOME Board’ is a proactive step toward celebrating and appreciating our exceptional team members. By capturing and showcasing their outstanding achievements, we create an environment that values excellence and inspires everyone to reach new heights. Let us embrace this opportunity to uplift our team, foster a culture of recognition, and empower each other to achieve greatness. Together, we will strengthen our bonds and cultivate a thriving, motivated workforce that continues to exceed expectations.