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The Role of Robotics In Production Lines

Something that continuously allows for production automation to evolve is the rapidly changing tech world. Production lines and manufacturing as a whole now make use of technology like robotics to increase production efficiency, which is something that at RML, we have been pioneers of by embracing change and adapting quickly to evolving advancements. 

We have been using robotics in our Production Automation Solutions for 20+ years, which initially was met with reluctance from customers. Fast-forward to 2023, customers are now demanding to have robotics included in their machines. In this blog, we will delve into the use of robotics in production automation and how RML have designed Robotic Automation Systems to help customers streamline their production.

Increased Efficiency and Productivity

One of the major advantages of using robotics in Production Automation Solutions is the significant increase in efficiency and productivity that is provided. The machines we design for our customers at RML ensure that there is reduced downtime during production. Also, the combination of speed, efficiency and longevity of RML-designed machines means the investment customers make pays back quickly and multiplies over the years. This is because of the higher output and lower production costs that customers can achieve, which can be seen by our customer, ComvitaWith a shortage of workers, Comvita needed a solution that could handle their intense packing process with minimal human intervention. We designed a Robotic Case Packer for the company, which has provided them with greater efficiency and productivity as they have seen a 30% increase in line speed and output since the machine was installed at their site. How about that for a robot? 

Precision and Quality Control

Another benefit of using Robotic Automation Systems to solve production line challenges is that robotics when implemented into production machinery, are able to efficiently perform tasks in production lines in a way that will improve processes, save time, and minimise the risk associated with performing dangerous repetitive tasks. This is achieved by keeping human involvement as minimal and as safe as possible. At RML, this is critical in the sectors where we serve our customers such as FMCG, Dairy, Logistics, Industrial Automation, Petfood, and Infant Formula, where production lines can often be large and extremely fast-paced, requiring high levels of focus and attention to detail to ensure errors are minimal. The use of robotics effectively automates this process, ensuring a high level of precision and quality control for our customers. With 1,500+ projects completed for 120+ customers across our 40+ years of operation, you can be sure that if you have a complex need for Production Automation Machinery, RML has the knowledge and experience needed to help you solve it. 

Flexibility and Adaptability

Robotics also play a key role in modern production lines due to their ability to be designed to adapt to production line challenges of all types. At RML, our talented team of engineers are consistently learning and staying updated with modern industry trends, meaning every customer we customise a machine for is getting the most up-to-date machinery in the market. We also implement thorough quality control measures to ensure every machine that leaves our site will provide customers with a long-lasting production line solution. This results in many repeat customers, like Wilmar Sugar, who came back years later to get another machine to keep updated in the market. Wilmar Sugar first approached us in 2012 for an Automatic Wraparound Case Packer to cartonise their retail ranges, but due to supermarkets having a new requirement for shelf-ready products in 2021, they approached us again for a Customised Case Packing Machine to ensure they had machinery that could meet modern requirements. The result was better-looking products from a faster and more reliable production line that helped the company streamline production. In addition, after installing the first Wraparound Case Packer at their factory in Auckland, New Zealand, Wilmar commissioned us to install a second and then two identical lines at the CSR Refinery in Yarraville, Victoria. The moral of the story – ‘don’t underestimate the power of robotics’. 

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